Ski courses for adults


The ideal and the possible
The age of youth, better childcare, is the best time for learning. Everything here helps: racing, natural elasticity, emulation, low propensity for repetition. In the adult everything is more difficult, but there is a remedy for everything, which is called “motivation”. When you fully understand the technical concepts, help to easily reach the broader goals also wanted to be like the beloved “bravest,” imitating the teacher or a challenge to myself. Other reasons are added: to be together, have fun, open to interesting knowledge, discover new movements…


A proposal: why not go back to school?
Skiing, practiced at a good level, is absolute freedom, is joy, is mastery of their skills and discover untapped talents. Quitting learning immediately after reaching the minimum of self-sufficiency on skis, is a missed opportunity that turns out to be worth more. The slops are not all alike, don’t have the same gradients, or the kind of snow. Why deny the satisfaction of being completely in control of their own means? The ski instructor is able to follow just fine adults who face this kind of “lifelong learning”, helps to correct technical defects, to automatically delete the wrong positions, to free energies through sophisticated equipment and resources that facilitate and shorten the time learning, while avoiding making the physical problems.


“A qualunque età, molto più facilmente di quanto potete immaginare, è possibile entrare con noi in una nuova dimensione di questo bellissimo sport”.

Parola di Maestro

Icona livello principiante

Chi non ha mai sciato e non sa controllare velocità e frenata

Icona livello principiante

BASE - Sequenza di curve a spazzaneve
AVANZATO - Sequenza di virate

Icona livello principiante

BASE - Sequenza di cristiania di base
AVANZATO - Sequenza di cristiania

Icona livello principiante

BASE - Sequenza di curve condotte
AVANZATO - Sequenza di curve agonistiche di base